Here at Aberdeen Car Valeting, we recommend using the following methods to clean alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels will get dirty fairly rapidly. Here is how to keep them looking like new with an alloy wheel cleaner.

Purchase a new car, and it could usually have some impressive alloy wheels as standard. But these shiny rims can soon begin to look dirty, due to the fact they’re properly positioned to gather more dirt compared to just about all a vehicle. Furthermore, an alloy wheel needs to deal with everyday grime through the road and atmosphere, these types of drab brown deposits are combined with dust through the brakes and may before long get baked on the wheels, thanks to the high heat produced by the braking system and car tyres.

Exactly how do you clean your wheels?

You may use a similar cleaner which you wash all of your car with, but it will only get rid of the surface area dirt and grime. To get rid of the baked-on dirt, you’ll need a specialized alloy wheel cleanser. Many people may be tempted to make use of vinegar-based household items, whilst WD40 will work for removing hard tar build up. But a specialist wheel cleaner is the ideal option if you would like truly thoroughly clean wheels, as these products remove the dirt and grime with only a single application, and just rinse off when they’re clean.

The very best alloy wheel products

If you are cleaning your wheels, you are probably cleaning the outside of the car at the same time. A power washer is a great technique to blast the majority of the dirt and grime off your vehicle, including the rims, but it will not take the brake dust off by using it. However, an alloy wheel cleaner will certainly properly clean the wheel, getting into all the nooks and crannies and gaps and infiltrating the dirt. They can do this without damaging the clear coat and paint, too, saving you a costly repair later on.

We would suggest putting on rubber or latex hand protection while cleaning your wheels, so you don’t get coated in dust or the product as some may cause skin irritation, as the fine dust can easily get inside your fingers and beneath your nails.

The preferred wheel cleaners are simply sprayed on, and you leave them to work before washing off. The best products also alter colour to inform that just how much dirt has been loosened, while the ingredients they will use mean they do not damage your tyres, and may easily be washed off once finished.

The Best wheel cleaner. Meguiar’s Hot Rims.

Once perfectly clean, you could treat the wheels to some specialist wheel protection. This will give a protective layer that will help prevent brake dust from building up. When you’re finished cleaning the wheels, apply to the tyres some tyre shine to get them looking there best.


Right now the wheels will be looking great, hopefully for a long time, while regular washing can certainly help prevent the braking system dust from building up and damaging the alloys.


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