Here at Mobile Car Valeting Aberdeen, we use the below techniques when drying a car. These methods reduce swirl marks (Minor scratches) that can be seen in sunlight caused by incorrect washing and drying methods.
Using a Microfiber cloth is essential when drying your car.

You’ll find microfiber towels which are made especially for drying your vehicle. In the event you don’t desire to use a leather chamois then this could be an option for you. A Microfiber cloth is designed in order that it is not going to damage or leave swirl spider type marks on your cars paintwork. They are also designed to not have any lint and be super adsorbent. The types available from Amazon by Kent our chosen cloths and are a good option, you can see it here available from Amazon. They have either side with short and yet another lengthy microfiber that can be used for not simply drying your car and also for machine polishing. A great benefit of the microfiber choices is that they’re machine cleanable, unlike a genuine leather chamois which needs to be washed by hand.How to dry a vehicle using a microfiber cloth.

With a microfiber cloth, you need to simply make sure that it is thoroughly clean before you start drying your car. As mentioned above, you are able to machine wash these.
Car air blower dryer.

A blow dryer is a bit like a garden leaf blower. you can find types designed for drying your car or even your pet that come with all sorts of nozzle attachments. However, they tend to be expensive. A blow dryer is definitely the best choice however it is more expensive. I recommend the Master Blaster, you can view it right here and is available on Amazon. It is electric powered but a lot more than effective adequate and it has a great price for what you get when compared with a few other cheaper types.

Using a vehicle air blow dryer
The blow dryer forces the water off of your car and also the water doesn’t dry around the paint and make water spots. You will probably need to use a little bit of water that is still on the car after blow drying but it’ll result in the entire task quicker and easier.


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