Advice From Prestige Mobile Car Valeting In Aberdeen On Benefits Of Maintaining A Clean Car

After a customer has bought a machine polish and their car is looking amazingly clean and shiny I tend to tell them to make sure you get it hand-washed, That is the first step.

How often should I clean my car?

Cleaning your car once per week will ensure your paint is kept in a well looked after condition and the same goes with your alloys. There is a lot of traffic film and brake dust on the roads that eats away at alloys so you can stop this by maintaining a healthy cleaning schedule. 

Prestige Mobile valeting Aberdeen can sort this out for you but if you don’t want to spend the money or you enjoy doing it yourself this is the best method to use. Obviously depending on how many miles you drive per week.

Why have a cloth handy:

Another good method that Prestige valeting advises is that you always have a clean microfibre cloth on board to dust down daily to ensure your dashboard, console and front window is always clean for you to enjoy your drive but most importantly see clear out your window while on the move. 

Air Freshener:

A lovely scent air freshener is always a great feeling when you first sit in your car in the morning. Prestige has a choice of 6 scents for their customers to choose from after a full standard or premium valet. 

Fabric seats:

keeping the seats clean is hard especially when they are fabric and for this reason, any stains that occur will need to be extracted. 

Is a quick detailer for me?

If your car is just dusty, well, prestige mobile valeting Aberdeen recommends using a quick detailer, but, do not use it if you have debris on the paintwork as this will scratch without using water.


We hope you enjoyed this read.

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