DIY Car Wash: How to Wash Your Car?

There are a few things that offer the same feeling of satisfaction as a thoroughly cleaned car. The meticulous sheen that comes with washing your car at home is not achievable at an automated car wash in Aberdeen, due to its inaccurate and imprecise wash and clean system. That being said, one needs to also take caution before washing their vehicle at home due to the risk involved with using equipment that may not be suitable for a DIY cleaning solution. It is essential to follow precise instructions to make sure that you safely wash your car at home without damaging its interior and exterior. The relevant safety instructions cover everything ranging from the compound and equipment you use, as well as making sure you take all the safety precautions necessary.

Evaluate Your Vehicle and Equipment

This step may seem mundane, but it is absolutely critical to the success of your DIY job. Ensure you evaluate your vehicle’s condition on how dirty it is before you set up the cleaning supplies. Make sure you assess things such as the rocker panels for mud and judge the amount of dust present on your vehicle’s exterior. This will determine the strategy you will need to employ in order to clean your car. Based on the vehicle’s condition, you might require a whole suite of cleaning supplies and products or just a bucket and a hose for a quick wash up.

The car state will help you discover just how dirty the car is and help you better prepare yourself for the job. Also make sure to prepare yourself based on the make and model of the vehicle, as an older car’s paint job may require several waxes and polishes to protect the paint, whilst a newer paint job may be more flexible to a robust cleaning without any damage to the car’s paint.

Similarly, before you apply anything on your vehicle, make sure to read the labels on the products that you plan to use. Not all cars are compatible with the all-purpose scope of use for some products. Using a product with the wrong compound may end up damaging the paint or clear coat of the car. Therefore, if you have any doubts, always make sure to read the safety instructions and directions as they will not only help prevent damage to your vehicle but also save your time and money by ensuring that you use the right amount of product for the wash.

Washing The Wheels

One of the most inaccessible parts of a vehicle’s anatomy is the alloys. Make sure you use a separate bucket for the wheels as you don’t want to use the same dirty water on the car’s headlights and body. Also, take additional steps to avoid spilling any cleaning products on the tyres as it may spray them on your car’s paint once you drive afterwards. It is advisable for you to skip the use of tyre dressing for the sidewalls, as it’s slippery composition may have adverse effects on the tyres grip whilst driving.

Washing the Headlights

Based on the type of your vehicle’s lights, wear and tear over time may lead to the headlights becoming cloudy and yellow. This reduces their nighttime visibility spectrum and can ruin the aesthetic of an otherwise clean car. Use a headlight restoration kit to restore your headlights to brand new condition. The kit may also include a UV blocking component to avoid similar deterioration in the future. Once you are done, wipe down your headlights with a cleaning solution or protective finish and a moist cloth.

Washing the Windows

When washing the windows, just like the rest of the car, the product you use matters a lot. Please avoid household glass cleaners as they include ammonia which may be detrimental to the glass on your car’s windows. Instead, use a cleaner made specifically for car windows to avoid damaging them.

Washing The Car’s Body

Give the car a thorough jet wash with plain water at first, as this will remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, and mud. Afterwards, apply your cleaning product (or soapy water) to the exterior of your car. As discussed above, make sure to use a product that is suitable for your car. Avoid using household products such as detergents and dish cleaners as they can strip the wax and damage the car’s paint job. Finally, remember to use a dry cloth (Preferably a micro towel) before moving on to the next steps.

Final Touches

Mobile Valeting Aberdeen recommends that once you have gone through the necessary steps of washing your car as listed above, you can move on to applying the finishing touches in the form of compounds. You can employ the use of wax, polishing tools, and spray detailers if you want to give a glossier finish to your car. And as with every other product, make sure to assess them before use to make sure that they are compatible with your vehicle’s paint job.

Common Questions Regarding DIY Car Washing

Can I Wash My Car Daily?

If you can take the time out of your schedule on a daily basis, then you may give your vehicle a basic wash. However, we advise you against using cleaning products on your cars regularly as the over-application of such products may do more harm than good for your car’s paint job. On a daily basis, using plain or soapy water with a microfiber towel is advisable, whilst reserving the select cleaning products for occasional use based on your car’s needs.

Is It Better To Wash Your Car At Day Or Night?

For those looking to wash their car at home, we believe that it is best for them to wash their automobile early in the morning or late in the evening. The reason for this is to avoid direct sunlight as it may be detrimental to you and your vehicle. And as long as you are washing your car in the cold shade, the time of day might not have that significant of an impact.

Is It Bad To Wash A Car With Just Water?

Using just water might not have any significant risks to your vehicle. However, we believe that it is best to employ at least the use of soapy water to wipe down the car. However, if you plan to use just a pressured water hose, make sure to regulate the water pressure to avoid damaging your vehicle’s paint job.

What Is The Best Way To Wash A Car?

If you are someone that washes their vehicle regularly, we recommend using plain soap water alongside a microfiber mitt. Car valet Aberdeen also believe that you can periodically use unique compounds and equipment such as wax and polishing tools to maintain your vehicle’s aesthetic outlook.

For those based in and around Aberdeen’s city, Prestige offers premium quality mobile car valeting, mobile detailing, and car wash Aberdeen services for those looking for accessible and professional service providers for their car.

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