At Aberdeen Car Valet we are going to have a look at the effects Brake Dust on your Alloy Wheels.

Almost all new cars today will come with a set of alloy wheels as standard. Some of us will go and get there own set of alloys to give the car a sense of individuality. Without a doubt, a set of alloy wheels will make the car look so much more outstanding and these can be purchased from a handful of suppliers in the Aberdeen area and are of course can be found online, These can come with a set of new tyres if you so wish. Aberdeen Car Valeting choice covering the Aberdeen area would be Autosave Components and can be found at several locations throughout Aberdeen And Scotland.

Brake Pads.

Every car has a set of brake pads used for the braking of the front and rear wheels. For safety issues, the front brakes are applied to the front wheels more than the rear wheels.

Brake pads are primarily made from Iron and other components (The iron part is the most harmful to our alloy wheels).

Every time we brake the car small iron particles are thrown from the braking system onto the alloy wheels and onto the side panels of the car and is particularly visible on white cars.

These iron particles can be absolutely damaging to the alloy wheels and paintwork and as the brake pads wear down the iron fallout will get worse. If left too long where the brake pads wear down to the rivets will damage the alloys to a point of no return. Therefore regular servicing of the braking system is vitally important.

Aberdeen Car Valeting advice to stop damage to alloys.

Alloy wheels should be cleaned at least once a week. This stops the build-up of iron on the alloys. A non-acidic wheel cleaner should be used and you can find these products easily.

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There are lots of wheel cleaning brushes available primarily made from plastic bristles however, these can cause minor scratches and over time the scratches will become more prevalent. That is why we at Mobile Car Valeting Aberdeen we use a Microfibre wheel cleaning tool that will reduce this scratching since the iron particles will be caught within the fibres. (Image Below).

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Spray the wheel cleaner on the alloy and let it dwell as per the maker’s instructions. wash (removing the loose brake dust) then re-apply wheel cleaner and agitate gently using the fibre tool. Rinse and dry and if you desire to apply a wheel type wax.

Brake pad fallout on the body of the car.

This can be a whole new problem. On a white car, it will destroy the appearance of the paintwork and can only be removed by a product called Iron fallout remover. Apply in the shade and follow the instructions. We find it most satisfying when one obverse the red iron fallout running down the side panels of the car.

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