Here at Aberdeen Car Valet, we are going to walk you through exactly what is Car Detailing.

Primarily the word Detailing came to the UK from America as they rarely use the word Valet. However, It has become overused in the UK as a lot of Valeters are ignorant of what the words Aberdeen Car Detailing truly means.

A detail is a method of cleaning the exterior and interior of a vehicle employing methods and products that are proven over a period of time.

The exterior should be washed using either a microfibre wash mitt or lambs mitt. This reduces the causes of scratching, known as swirls. The vehicle should then be rinsed and hand dried using a large microfibre cloth.

A wax should then be applied, left to cure and hand buffed again using only quality microfibre cloths.

All-wheel arches and wheels should be cleaned and the tyres should be dressed.

if a chrome exhaust is in place then this should be polished.

The interior plastics should be cleaned and all air vents and nooks and crannies should be cleaned thus removing all dirt and dust. The use of a suitable brush should be employed. The vacuuming of all seats and carpets and shampooing same as well as the boot and headlining. A quality cleaner and conditioner should be used on all leather.

Door and boot sills and shuts should also be polished.

Machine Polishing should also be carried out in a Full Detail.

At “PRESTIGE MOBILE CAR VALETING” we only carry out a full detail/valet and our goal is to, where possible take the vehicle back to a new vehicle condition.

The only other service we employ at “PRESTIGE DETAILING” is machine polishing which is a specialised method taking the paintwork back to as new.

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