Prestige Car Valet Aberdeen on cleaning your plastics.

Ground in dirt that has built up over time can be a nightmare to get clean. You can have all the best products and cloths but sometimes it just doesn’t budge. This is because it has gone in the crease of the plastic just like the ripple effect that you feel when you put your finger over it. 

Although magic erasers look like they do a good job well, they don’t. They ruin the plastic by removing/dulling the paint/plastic rather than cleaning it. 

Our method:

Prestige mobile car valet Aberdeen uses a rotary machine added with a soft bristle brush attachment that gets right in the crease of your plastic by lifting that horrible grime. This is completely safe but you have to keep it wet, running the machine up and down in a consistent motion. wipe off any remaining dirt and you’ll be over the moon with the results! 

Final step:

Finish with a nice product that shines your plastic like new but nothing cheap as this will make your plastics greasy and oily!

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