Here at Aberdeen Car Valeting, we are going to guide you through the methods we use to valet the interior of your car.

Over the years we have found that you do not need to buy any expensive products, we believe those fancy products are just a sales pitch from the big companies to get you to buy their products. We use very few products and have found that all you need is the following:

Products to use.

A quality shampoo following the manufacturer’s instructions on dilution rates.

Quality interior brushes to get into the nooks and crannies. These sets of brushes can be purchased easily. They are of particular importance as they do not leave their hairs and bristles in the air vents and the centre consul area.

A multi-purpose cleaner that is used to clean the door sills.

Some quality micro-fibre cloths. These should be kept clean and are easily washed in the washing machine.

A quality window cleaner. The first thing a person sees when they get into a car is the windscreen and can be so annoying when not 100% clean.

How to start the interior car valet.

At Mobile Car Valet Aberdeen we start off by removing all the rubbish from the interior of the car and remove all mats and child seats.

Spray the whole of the dash with the shampoo and using one of the brushes clean the air vents and all of the small areas. Then select a clean microfibre cloth and spray on the cloth some of the shampoo and wipe the whole of the dashboard.

Continue to the centre consul and all of the door areas using the same methods.


We use a Wet and Dry Vacuum as we tend to shampoo our customer’s seats and carpets as part of the Mobile Car Valet Aberdeen we carry out. We have found that the “George” Wet and Dry vacuum is the best machine available.

We start hoovering the driver’s side first as this is, of course, the dirtiest. We use the attachment as shown and this allows you to get everywhere clean.

car valet aberdeen

When the interior has been vacuumed move to the boot area and thoroughly vacuum. Then clean all of the door sills and boot seals with a clean microfiber cloth.

Then clean all of the windows properly trying to avoid direct sunlight.

Last of all vacuum all of the car mats and place them back into the car.

In conclusion.

There is nothing like getting into a thoroughly clean car. Knowing that it is spotless and smelling like new. We give our own cars a detail weekly as it is easier than allowing the mess to build up.

Aberdeen Car Valeting.

We are a completely mobile car valet company covering the Aberdeen & Shires areas. We are a family business and are now in our 8th year.

We only carry out two services. A full valet and/or Machine Polishing in Aberdeen.

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