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Machine Polishing is a method of Polishing a vehicles paintwork by using a rotary buffer and/or a dual action polisher.

The aim of a machine polish is to reduce minor swirls (light scratches and spider web type damage) and in some cases returning the paintwork to factory spec.

Swirls and scratches are particularly visible on black coloured vehicles which are highly visible in the sunlight.

At Prestige Valeting we employ the following steps:

1. The vehicle is washed and dried using high-quality microfibre cloths and then filtered and heated air is used around door handles and crevices to ensure the vehicle is completely dry.

2. The vehicle is then clay barred to remove paint imperfections.

3. A soft polishing pad and a light compound are used at first to asses the hardness of the vehicles clear coat. Depending on the hardness more aggressive pads and polishing compounds are employed to reduce the number of swirls and scratches.

4. The vehicles paintwork is then protected with a high-quality paint sealant.

5. If the vehicle’s interior is to be detailed all fabrics and carpets have a high-quality sealant applied.

6. Instructions on how to wash the car to prevent further damage are also given as well as the best products to use.

Prices are dependent on the size of the vehicle and whether the interior is to be detailed as well.

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An in-depth method for Machine Polishing

Polishing with a machine reveals more opportunities compared to polishing manually, simply because products are often worked much harder as well as a lot longer effortlessly. By way of example, a lot of well-known dual action machine polishers has a nice maximum working speed of approximately 6000 orbits every minute. It’s always impossible for a human being to duplicate the job rate; consider aiming to polish the panel in a rounded action 6000 times a minute for five minutes or higher, on a regular basis making use of continuous pressure. Mainly because the work rates are additionally selectable, machine polishers can be used to properly undertake just about all sorts of paint defects, including mild swirl marks to extremely profound scratch marks. The only real proviso is that the clear coat has to be intact before you start, and must not be lowered to lower than 78% of your original thickness because of polishing. An additional benefit from polishing by the machine during large work rates is the fact that painted areas may be burnished a great extremely excessive lustre ahead of the putting on sealant or maybe wax protection; the exact same level of quality of finish is incredibly hard to obtain while working personally.

Even though machine polishing delivers several benefits over operating yourself, in addition, it provides intricacy to the polishing approach. This is because extra selections must be made with consideration to machine kind and also pad selection. A lot of these choices are essential since if you get them incorrect it’s very all too easy to destroy ones paint; machine polishers can easily get rid of paint amazingly easily if not applied effectively. Let’s start with the selection of machine kinds. Machine polishers get caught in 1 of 2 camps; rotary or dual motion. Rotary polishers are usually the range of professional detailers. Since the title implies, the actual polishing head moves consistently around a hard and fast stage from speeds as much as 2499 cycles each minute. The following rounded action produces a lot of friction which they can use to great advantage whenever solving major paint faults. Yet, the down-side in this would be that it is likewise very easy to create harm by means of burn spots. Mastering the ability of rotary polishing takes a great number of practice.

Dual action machine polishers get the job done very differently to rotary polishers, for the reason that the polishing head oscillates at random about a set position as the polishing head spins (hence the term dual action). What this means is that friction is without a doubt vastly decreased at any kind of the point of contact, decreasing the efficient work rate and enormously minimizing the risk of burning the particular paint and also doing away with too much of the clearcoat. As a result, dual action machine polishers are ideal for enthusiasts that want to be able to safely correct their own paint with no nervous about inflicting further damage. A common belief is always that dual action polishing machines are considerably less effective than rotary polishing machines. While it is true which will very severe paint flaws can often only be thoroughly fixed simply be using a rotary polishing machine, it is also correct that dual action polishing generally correct virtually the most severe of defects on many paint kinds. The main change its time taken to carry out the correction; a job which can just take below 1 hour with a rotary polishing machine usually takes several hours or higher having a dual action machine polisher due to the reduced efficient work rate, however, in most situations the actual result will be similar.

Pad selection is yet another vital option any time polishing with a machine. Almost all pads designed for use with dual action machines polishers are made of varying levels of high-quality versatile polyurethane foam. The stiffness of one’s foam determines its appropriateness for several polishing machine tasks (polishing, compounding, glazing) and is typically colour coded to create acknowledgement simpler, nevertheless, companies hardly ever take advantage of the similar colour strategies, so at all times go through merchandise descriptions carefully. Compounding pads are created from the particular firmest foams and therefore are usually non-reticulated, because of this the foam had not been thermally broadened for the duration of manufacture and so stays pretty firm and also heavy. This gives these kinds of pads to cut into the surface of the paint successfully, and they should, therefore, be taken properly. Polishing machine pads are manufactured from foams of advanced firmness and therefore are usually reticulated, indicating they’re more adaptable and flexible than compounding pads. This sort of pads possesses a small cutting motion that enables these to appropriate insignificant imperfections without taking away too much paint. Glazing pads are made of much softer foams and they are continually totally reticulated. This sort of pads have no cutting actions however they are effective at burnishing paint in an exceedingly higher lustre. Actually, gentler foams have become readily available for making use of fluid sealants and even waxes too.


As well as the overall tone with the foam, pad patterns additionally vary in proportions along with shape, including small, flat pads to large, variably contoured pads. Smaller spot pads varying from 80 mm to 100 mm in dimensions are made to be used in combination with 75-90 mm assistance plates and even provide two principal reasons. For starters, they allow access to difficult areas, including all-around grills plus side mirrors. Subsequently, they enable certain faults, like scratches, to become worked tougher, as their size means all of the polishing efforts are centred on a lesser area. As a possible added benefit, their very own size entails that less encompassing paint is usually afflicted during the process of scratch removal. Bigger pads ordinarily varying in dimensions from 135 mm to 165 mm are made to be in combination with 125 mm assistance plates, and they are great for basic machine polisher tasks and working on more substantial panels. In the past, pads were constantly flat, however, recent developments in technology and design have contributed to the making of shaped pads to the market, which is usually from time to time much better to control. One of the most state-of-the-art pads available today features adjustable contour as well as consistent pressure engineering, that provide increased flexibleness such as a number of polishing faces and other safety by means of foam tiers which help to remain the polisher level while in use.

Given that we have checked out many of the options surrounding machine polishing, we should be able to establish safe ways to defect modification. In every case, the very first thing you could do is ensure that your paint is definitely spotlessly clean and dry; wash your motor vehicle first and after that detoxify it if perhaps surface area contaminants can be seen. As a way to correct extreme paint disorders, which include significant swirl marks and acid scribing, we recommend that you first make use of some sort of polishing machine pad jointly with some sort of medium harsh polish (the precise choice need to be made with due awareness inclined to the actual firmness from the paint becoming. This combination could be worked hard during high-speed without having a concern about eliminating a lot of the clearcoat. If perhaps just after a few applications the particular faults nevertheless continue, you might like to take into consideration swapping over to a cutting pad plus a heavier polishing compound. However, these kinds of action must not be taken gently plus preferably as long as you happen to be experienced with machine polishing and have searched for tips from a skilled individual first. If you opt to continue, continually work in a properly lighted area, look at your progress just after every tryout, whilst the running tempo down below 5000 orbits each minute.

When you have taken out all of the faults, confirm the quality of the surface. If you’re able to see any marring you will need to conduct another polishing step, now getting a polishing pad in partnership with a finishing polish. It is recommended that the exact same combination is utilized to actually handle less serious paint issues including modest swirl marks plus fine scratches. If perhaps immediately after a lot of applications the issues still remain, you may then try a medium abrasive polish (applied using a refreshing machine polisher pad; you must not mix products on the same pad). Only take the very least aggressive product you’ll be able to to get the task finished, and always suit your collection of a pad for the task at hand. The method gets much more straightforward should your target is usually to merely mask just about any leftover blemishes or burnish the finish in preparation for sealant and also wax protection; simply employ some sort of glazing pad to put on an appropriate choice of glaze.

Relating to the actual polishing process, the tactic is similar no matter whether working big areas or perhaps particular flaws. Regarding the previous, the first thing you should do is mask away many trims using low tack masking tape. It is because it is challenging prevent running up on trims when utilizing big pads, plus malfunction to cover them often ends in soiling that’s subsequently difficult to remove. The next process is always to pick an ideal pad and even item blend for your task available. Then you should fit the support plate to your machine polisher, press the pad in place (ensuring you actually centre it on the backing plate) and connect the electricity supply. We propose using an RCD safety tool and an extension box cable so that you can enable every panel to be effortlessly plus safely reached. Now you are ready to begin machine polishing. Before you do, you ought to prime the pad; meaning introducing just a little lubricant into the pad, so that dry buffing is avoided before the polish has time for it to spread. The simplest way to prime your pad would be to mist it as soon as with a quick detailer. The next action to try and do is certainly apply three or four drops with the product to the pad; that is greater than sufficient in many instances.

With the pad prepared and loaded with polish, the next thing you should do prior to switching your machine on is distributed the product over the workspace by pressing it repeatedly against the panel; this particular subsequently implies that all parts of your work area usually are evenly polished. Make an attempt to work 2 ft x 2 ft areas each time, beginning on a panel evidently displaying flaws you intend to correct (this allows you to easily evaluate if your choice of pad and also product is intending to achieve the sought after outcome). With the pad held up against the paint, now you may switch the device on. We recommend that you see the directions supplied with the machine before you 1st use it, having to pay explicit attention to the particular area on harmless working procedures. Once you start polishing, make sure you make a basic pass over the entire work area during a low-speed setting (2-3 on the switch of most dual action machine polishers) to be able to encourage the product to work on evenly across the pad and the panel.
Only a few pea-size spots on the moderate harsh polish are important per 2 ft x 2 ft spot.
The polish needs to be dabbed towards the panel and then distribute at low speed.

After doing the following original move at the coverage rate of 4 to 6 inches per second, you ought to turn the speed up (4-5 on the switch among all dual motion polishers) and next move systematically over the panel, making use of gentle to moderate downhill tension. Slow, overlapping passes by are ideal; there is absolutely no real need to move the machine quickly backwards and forward or side to side. Different products will need various amounts of work before they are prepared to end up being taken out, plus realizing once this is the situation merely comes along with practice (however an outstanding general guideline is nearly all permit you to go over a 2 ft x 2 ft work area not less than three dozen occasions prior to being ready to be buffed off). A superb clue can be a change in the visibility of your polish remains; many may actually come to be transparent when they have been thoroughly worked well, in addition, to break down. You should always stop the machine with the pad placed against the paint. a lot of product elements are a tiny bit firm, in addition to their elimination typically needs firm but careful buffing by using a microfibre towel. Plush cloths with a brief nap are fantastic for this since they are kind to your surface, however, have sufficient bite to raise polish derivatives without trouble. Once the residual is taken off make sure you examine all of the panels plus repeat if defects still remain.

The particular polish should be worked methodically in an overlapping pattern at high speed.
After a few dozen passes the polish will begin to transform clear on the grounds that the abrasives breakdown.
Finish elimination of the scratches, creating the perfect high gloss finish.

Any time machine polishing out certain faults, for example, major scratches, the process it’s essentially the very same, nevertheless, the selection of pad may change.
Polishing pads must be ready just before use along with a quick mist with quick detailer
A little more polish than usual is needed whenever concentrating on deep localised problems.
All of the polish needs to be dabbed on and after that at the beginning spread at low speed.
As soon as distributed, typically the polish has to be worked during a good speed together with average pressure.
Right after a couple of attempts, a good coat of glaze along with a top coat of sealer and the scratch should be wiped out.

The last part of this polishing process is to pack away every one of the equipment you may have applied, ensuring things are all clean and ready for next use. All towels and applicator pads ought to be washed in a washer during a low temperature having a non-biological liquid detergent (avoid cleansing soap powders and detergents containing bleach or fabric softeners) prior to being permitted to dry up naturally. All polishing pads really should be scraped off by using a dull plastic-type edge and then rinsed out thoroughly underneath the tap prior to being still left to soak for Ten-fifteen minutes inside of a pail with pad cleaning solution. After Ten-fifteen minutes is up, all of the pads really should be washed out carefully and then left to dry out the natural way.


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