Welcome to Prestige Mobile Car Valeting Aberdeen where we talk about pet hair!

Pet hair can sometimes be so hard to come out perfect that it can almost take hours to complete! this depends on how far you want us to go with it. There are a few good tools and techniques we use that make a customers car like they never had a pet in it before.

Tools that can be used are the following:

1: Pet stones

These are an amazing piece of kit! but there is a downside they wear down far too quickly and are quite expensive. They are about £10 for a little peace and you can easily get through about 2 of them on 1 car in one sitting. but highly recommended. 

Soft bristle brush:

These are good for brushing the excess away but it doesn’t quite get down to the root on the fibers in the carpet where all the hair rests.


A good vacuum with good suction makes a hell of a difference and that why Prestige car valeting Aberdeen has a good vacuum to help with this. Anything over 1500watts is good enough. 


Time, Time and Time is what you need for pet hair. there is no quick way to remove it. get yourself a good pet stone or brush and gently brush down on the carpet the direction the hair is going until it reaches the surface then use your vacuum to suck it up. You can always play about with that way to go and you’ll soon pick up a good habit on it. 

We hope you enjoyed this read. If you don’t feel this doing this yourself you can call Prestige car valeting Aberdeen on 07745363481. 




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