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Here at Prestige Mobile Car Valeting Aberdeen, we take great care when washing our client’s vehicles and for that reason we safe wash all cars with care to reduces minor scratches, swirls, and removal of any wax, coatings, etc that may already be on the car.

You probably didn’t know but using a sponge or brush is the worst possible way you can wash your car. The debris on the vehicle has nowhere to go on a sponge but as for a microfibre washing mitt or lambswool mitt the dirt has plenty of sinking holes to fall to the bottom and not the surface, therefore not scratching the paintwork.

Prestige Car Valet Aberdeen insists that you do NOT use a brush to wash your vehicle. This is a no brainer really but let me explain why. It may seem like a soft brush from your car valet Aberdeen store but it does no good for your paintwork. The bristles will lightly scratch (if you are lucky) your car and over time this will lead to dull, blotchy, swirly paint. Prestige valeting will then have to carry out a machine polish to bring it back to how it should be.

You may find that some Car Valet Aberdeen places use a sponge so please be careful as this can damage the paint.

This is how Prestige valeting washes their client’s vehicles.

Step 1:
Pre-rinse entire car with a pressure washer (not too powerful to damage paint that may have chips etc)

Snow foam all-around car including alloys or trims

Rinse off snow foam

Fill up bucket with our finest wash and wax shampoo and grab our lambswool or microfibre washing mitt

In straight lines, lightly wash the vehicle

Rinse off all the shampoo

Apply our secret ingredient to give a nice shine

Dry with microfibre drying mitt.

Prestige gives the client an experience of being able to be at work, sit at home warm, spend time with wife, children or both! instead of having to leave the house and stand in the cold waiting for your car to be washed. You may even be offshore and want your car washed or valeted in Aberdeen for you coming home! there is lots of reason to choose mobile valeting in Aberdeen.

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