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Glass cleaning can sometimes be a nightmare especially trying to clean them in direct sunlight as they can smear and not buff in right. This can distract our view when driving so it is important to clean the glass properly. 

We don’t really have an issue with Car Valeting In Aberdeen as there is never sun!! Well 2 days out the year, MAX! 

Lets now go through some steps in order for you to have a nice clean non-smeary glass!

1: Always make sure your microfiber cloth is clean and not dirty and that you have plenty of microfibers to soak up the dirty and product. I prefer using a brand new cloth.

2: Spray glass cleaner on the glass. We use invisible glass cleaner and glass cleaner by detail addicts that do a fantastic job. 

3: You’ll have 2 cloths handy so use the first one to wipe the glass clean then the second to buff in circular motions until all are fully buffed. 

For sticky excess parking tickets etc that won’t come up with ordinary glass cleaner, spray some citrus cleaner on a cloth then rub gently to prevent scratching the glass.

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