Top Ten Car Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

We have all been guilty of cutting corners and using cheap substitutes when cleaning our cars; saving that little money will cost you in the long run! I work with a team of highly skilled experts at Mobile Car Valeting Aberdeen. Check out the list of services on our website; we offer a wide range of services, from a simple wash to deep-cleaning services.

I have narrowed down the top 10 mistakes people make when they clean their cars. Read how to avoid them and save your car from damage.

  • Drive-Thru or Touchless Car Washes

These car washes are too aggressive on your car body and are guaranteed to scratch your finish. Even if they say soft brushes, they will scratch the paint job. The water pressure in jets may be too high, pushing the dirt against the skin, which further scratches it. Avoid taking your shiny new car next time to regular car washes; give us a call at Car Wash Aberdeen.

  • Cleaning In Hot Weather

Most people clean in direct sunlight and during high temperatures. Wait till the sun is down or park under the shade because the water evaporating off the hot body surface will leave marks. The cleaning solutions are not designed to be applied to hot surfaces as it changes their chemical makeup.

  • Using Household Cleaners

Many people use kitchen dish wash soap or degreaser to clean their cars. These will strip your protective wax coating. Use automotive car wash; they do not damage your wax coating, they are pH balanced for your car skin, and they foam up pretty well to provide adequate lubrication while cleaning.

(Pro Tip from Car Valet Aberdeen: thoroughly clean out your buckets to remove settled dirt, so it does not get picked up next time you wash your car).

  • Cleaning Without Lubricant

When cleaning dead bugs or bird droppings, or dry dirt, never use a dry towel alone, apply lubricant, let it rest for a minute to loosen the debris, and then use a towel to clean.

(Pro Tip from Car Valet Aberdeen: Do not leave bird droppings on the body for long as it contains acid that can damage your paint)

  • Power Washer

If you are using a power hose to rinse your car, make sure the pressure is gentle enough to put your hand in the jet.

  • Inappropriate Cleaning Cloth

Never use a paper towel or an old t-shirt or a sponge or household towels on your paint or rims. Only use a microfiber cloth.

  • Cleaning Bottom Then Top

Most dirt lies at the bottom half of your car; make sure you start from the top and replace the cloth when it gets dirty. The accumulated dirt in the microfiber will scratch up the paint job.

  • Dirty Soap Water

Keep atleast two buckets while washing, one with clean soap water and the other with clean water to rinse your towel. This way, dirt settles in water and does not contaminate the soap bucket.

  • Proper Drying

Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth, drag your cloth over the car surface going in one direction. Car detailing Aberdeen emphasis attention to detail. This method will prevent any lines on the surface.

  • Chemicals On Controls

People use chemicals over the steering wheel, brake and gas pedals, and gear knob. Never put chemicals on controls that you will touch as they make them slippery and cause an accident.

(Pro Tip from Car Detailing Aberdeen Team: If you want to use leather or vinyl protectant, make sure to spray on the paper towel, not directly on the surface).

Let us know how your car wash improved by avoiding these mistakes and following the helpful tips! The proficient team of Mobile Car Valeting Aberdeen is one phone call away.

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I have been a car detailer for the last 10 years. I am passionate about car detailing and have vast experience of paint correction. On this website, my aim is to help people detail their own cars correctly.


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