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Welcome to Prestige’s WebSite.

As we are a mobile service we can carry out any work WHERE EVER you wish. Our vehicle carries its own water and electricity

We ONLY carry out a Full Valet and Detail and prices start at a competitive £50.00 (This of course depends on the size of the vehicle.

Below is a list of the services we employ.

Machine Polishing and Waxing. (This service removes swirls and minor scratches and takes the paintwork back to factory spec with outstanding results)

To see true results of Machine Polishing go to our Facebook Business page at Prestige Mobile Car Valeting.

Interior shampooing, sanitation, and stain removal.

Headlight Restoration.

Chassis cleaning and waxing.

90% of the products we employ are MEGUIAR’S

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The valet consists of the exterior washed and waxed and the exterior and wheels air dried using filtered and heated air thus reducing water spots, water runs and swirls,tar spots removed and tyres dressed. The vacuuming of seats, carpets and boot areas. Door and boot seals polished. All interior and glass areas polished and leather seats cleaned and treated, For an additional small cost we can completely sanitise and sterilize the interior. We also specialise in the shampooing of seats and carpets. While we are there why not give your paintwork a little T.L.C. and let us hand polish and wax with Megs Ultimate Wax to give a mirror like finish.

The underside and chassis of our cars are the most neglected. We are now able to offer the cleaning and waxing of the underside and chassis. This treatment is ideal for the care of vehicle underbodies prior to and after winter. The protection treatment enters the smallest crevices and actively protects from contamination and corrosion via its water repellent protective film.


FACT: Swirls on paintwork, especially Black cars will be prominent in sunlight. This is caused by the WRONG method of polishing, and washing, such as car washes and using the wrong methods and equiptment when cleaning the vehicle. Ditch the sponge and Leather.

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FACT: The second most expensive purchase we make is our car.

FACT. The majority of people DO NOT take care of the appearance of the vehicle.

FACT: Regular layers of wax on the exterior paintwork of a vehicle will protect the paintwork especially during the winter months when the roads are covered in grit and salt.

FACT: There is nothing like sitting in a freshly valeted car smelling like new and completely sterilised.

FACT: The appearance of our car reflects on us. A well waxed and polished car will always stand out and will give one a better return when trading in comes around.

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