Prestige Mobile Car Valeting Aberdeen on Bug and bird dropping removal.

Prestige car valet uses the following method for the removal of bird droppings and bugs.

Bird droppings:

Citrus pre-wash is king! A non-harmful agent that loosens up splatted bugs on your front wing, headlights, side mirrors, and windscreen. Once you spray leave for approx 30 seconds to a minute (this depends on how warm it is outside as it drys very quick in direct sunlight) then grab a lambswool mitt and gently rub in STRAIGHT lines up and down. Once you do that then rinse off thoroughly. 

Prestige mobile valeting in Aberdeen advises that if you are left with bug and bird dropping stains on the paint then what you need to do is Call Mike to arrange to come and machine polish the stains out. This can be helped with regular car washes.

Bird Mess:

Regular washes need to be done regularly if your car is one of there unlucky ones that attract bird s$%t! There is acid in it that will eat and destroy your paint! Your options are to wash the muck off your car or you can do it yourself using this method that we advise.


Again, a good citrus pre-wash does the trick nicely! It loosens it up after leaving it for a little while, rub GENTLY to avoid scratching the paintwork and then rinse off thoroughly.

It’s that easy! If you have the time of course! if you don’t you can call Prestige mobile car valeting Aberdeen on 07745363481


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