Black cars. Although the color black is our favorite color of paint on a car it can be an absolute nightmare to prevent scratches. Therefore, How do you Clean a Black Car Without Scratching It?

You go out in the sun to give your pride and joy a wash and wax and it looks great. You use a quality shampoo and mitt but, on closer inspection and looking in the direction of the sun you see all of those minor scratches that we call swirls.


How do you Clean a Black Car Without Scratching It?


What are swirls on Car Paint?


These swirls, also called spider webs are minor scratches inflicted on the clear coat (The coating that protects the paint) Clearcoat is only the thickness of a cigarette paper and can be easily damaged.

90% of the paint correction or machine polish that we carry out is on Black Cars. And this is what usually happens. You pay good money for this service and the scratches are all gone. It looks great but  How do you Clean a Black Car Without Scratching It?


How to prevent swirls on black paint 

The problem is that every time a car’s paintwork is touched it can cause these minor scratches and therefore one has to have the correct products and method.

What products should I use?

  1. Pressure Washer
  2. Two buckets with grit guards
  3. A superior car shampoo
  4. A lambswool mitt
  5. A top quality microfibre drying cloth
  6. Snow foam

How do you Clean a Black Car Without Scratching It?

The method of washing

Try not to wash your car in direct sunlight. Too much heat will make the job so much harder.

We prefer to put a level of water on the car first, gently pressure washing the side panels where most dirt and grit stick to the car.

Connect the snow foam lance to the pressure washer using the correct dosage as recommended. Cover the whole car starting at the top and working down.

Allow dwelling as per the instructions.

Then rinse off the snow foam thoroughly.


Two bucket wash method.

In one of the buckets dilute the shampoo as instructed and fill with fresh clean water placing the grit guard at the bottom of the bucket.

In the second bucket filled with water only and place grit guard at the bottom of the bucket.

Soak the mitt in the shampoo and starting at the roof Gently move the mitt in straight lines. By being gentle an applying minimum pressure the risk of scratches will be minimized and by using straight lines you will not get circular swirls.

Depending on the outside temperature you could at this point rinse the roof off using the pressure washer. There is nothing more annoying than having the shampoo drying on the paint.

Every time the mitt is replenished with shampoo it should be squeezed out in the freshwater bucket and then dipped into the bucket containing the shampoo.

By squeezing out and rinsing the mitt in the water only bucket any grit will fall to the bottom of the bucket and falls below the level of the grit guard.

Follow the above instructions washing the remainder of the vehicle washing from top to bottom and a small panel at a time regularly squeezing out the mitt.

Finally, rinse off the shampoo using the pressure washer with a gentle amount of pressure.


How do you Clean a Black Car Without Scratching It?

Drying the Car


Take out the large microfibre drying towel having looked at the instructions whether or nor it should be washed first.

Place the dry cloth on the roof and gently just dab the cloth with the palm of your hand. This will ensure that the cloth absorbs all of the water.

Dry the rest of the car, in the same manner, trying to avoid move the cloth over the paint. always dab.


Points to remember. How do you Clean a Black Car Without Scratching It?


Always be as gentle as possible this will eliminate you from scratching the paint.

Wash the mitt and the drying cloth as per the manufacturer’s instructions and keep them in a dust-free location.

When applying wax or other forms of protection the methods outlined above should always be used.

The more gentle you are the better.



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