How Do You Clean Badly Stained Alloy Wheels? Well, this can be near enough impossible, but, if we catch it early on this can be removed efficiently. Years of brake dust forming with lack of cleaning may have severe consequences, therefore, we are then faced with what is known as alloy corrosion.

How Do You Clean Stained Alloy Wheels

How Do You Clean Stained Alloy Wheels?

Step 1:

Spray Chemical Guy’s Decon around the alloy and tire then leave to sit for about 2-3 minutes. You will see your alloy turn purple after a little while. This is a good sign which means the product is doing its job.

What does Decon do?

What Decon does is it lifts the staining, brake dust particles, grime and dirt from your alloy wheel to make it easier to remove when coming round to scrub.

Note: If your alloy wheel is in direct sunlight then reduce this time. (Don’t allow product to fully dry) If you don’t see the product turn purple don’t worry, it just means you haven’t got a lot of Iron build up and dirt particle build up.

Decon is also great for maintenance wash.


Step 2:

Grab a bucket and fill with Car Shampoo. The shampoo will act as a lubrication while agitating with your Car Brush.

How Do You Clean Badly Alloy Wheels

Step 3:

Now that you have your bucket of car shampoo and Car Brushes, You want to agitate the Staining on Your alloy wheels by scrubbing gently with a Your Brush.

You will need these types of brushes for getting around the alloy wheel nuts.

Note: You will possibly need a few different scrubbers for this as cars have different types of spokes. If your car has multiple spokes then you will need a thinner brush.


Step 4:

Agitate the tire with your brush to clean off any Iron, grime, dirt and other contaminants that may have got on the rubber.


Step 5: The final step on How Do You Clean Badly Stained Alloy Wheels:

Grab Your hose or pressure washer and rinse off thoroughly until all product has been removed from the alloy wheel.


Final thoughts: 

Not all alloy wheel stains can be removed without taking your car into a body shop for refurbishing. I would recommend you trying this process on How Do You Clean Stained Alloy Wheels first before spending a fortune on a refurb.


I wrote a step by step post on how to valet your car at home. This will walk You through each part to ensure you carry out a safe wash and a deep detail on the interior of your vehicle.


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