Pet hair can sometimes be hard to clean which means you will need some good tools and products along the way. How Do You clean Pet Hair From A Car can be achieved efficiently and effectively with this step by step walk through.

First, we will cover the tools and products then we will move onto How Do You clean Pet Hair From A Car the right way.

How To Clean Pet Hair From A Car

Tools that are used when removing bad dog hair from a car:

1: Pet stones

These are amazing but the downside is that they wear down far too quickly and are quite expensive. The pet stones reach far in the carpet fibers which then lifts the hair with ease.

2: Soft bristle brush:

Soft Bristle brushes are good for brushing the excess hair away but it doesn’t quite get down to the root of the fibers in the carpet. I would use this brush on a low to medium pet hair covered material.

3: Vacuum:

A good vacuum with good suction makes all the difference. Most of the time a vacuum will remove pet hair that is just sitting on the surface which still leaves hair deep in the fibers.


4: Fabric softener:

This will loosen up any ground in hair for easier removal.

How To Clean Pet Hair From A Car


A step by step guide on How To Clean Pet Hair From A Car:

Step 1:

Begin by vacuuming the effect area. This will remove loose hair that is sitting on the surface of your carpet.


Step 2:

Spray some fabric softener on the area that needs cleaned then work your fingers through the carpets so that the softener can begin loosening the hair. You won’t need much so just fill 10 or 15ml in a spray bottle until carpet is lightly damp.


Step 3:

get your bristle brush then start to agitate the pet hair in multiple directions. Have your vacuum nearby to suck up the remainder of the hair. Cleaning as you go will make your life easier.


Step 4: The Final Step

So, step 2 only worked to an extenct? Then use a pet stone. This time you will rub your stone in the direction the hair is facing until all pet hair has been removed from your vehicle.



This can take some time to achieve, but having said that, with these steps, this will work. I have been a car detailer for 10 years+ and with my experience this is the best approach to take when removing pet hair from a vehicle.

How long does it take to remove pet hair?

This depends on how severe the hair is but a rough guide is between 1-3 hours.


If you are unsure on how to detail your car at home, I have another step by step article on this that will help you every step of the way.



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