The time it takes to valet a car depends on what your trying to accomplish and the condition the vehicle is in. Will you be undertaking a mini or full valet? Nonetheless, this too will determine how long it will take you. You will find all you need to know on How Long Does It take To Valet A Car below.


Here are a number of factors to consider before determining How Long Does It Take To Valet A Car:


how long does it take to valet a car


1: Stains on seats, carpets, seat belts and roof lining,

2: Dusty dashboard,

3: Sticky sweets and spilled juice or coffee juice in the console,

4: Sticky nose residude from a Dog on the glass,

5: Tree sap around the door and boot shuts,

6: Tar spot build up,

7: Crumbs in the door pockets,

8: Bug splatter and bird droppings

9: Outdoor particles on the floor carpets.

After deciding that Your car is to the standard above then expect that this is going to take around 4 hours for one person to complete. It also depends on your experience with the Valeting of cars.

Having been a car detailer myself for many years and this type of work would take me around 4 hours to complete for a customer.

how long does it take to valet a car


When I first started my valeting business with little to no experience, I would find myself going over my work multiple times but when you have a system in place it’s much easier and time-saving. Bear in mind that you must know what you are going in to do. First, ask yourself if this will affect me moving forward. An example would be that if you have just cleaned the console and then moving onto shampooing the seats “Will I get shampoo overspray on the nice clean console that I have just cleaned” ?

Its little things like this that make all the difference because you want to save time when valeting a car.


Assuming that your vehicle is to the standard of the following but this time has minimal to no gunk build up, expect around 1.5-2 hours


1: Grime,

2: Glass smearing,

3: Outdoor particles on the floor carpets,

4: Crumbs on seats,

5: Dust only on the console, steering wheel, and indicator switches.

6: Debris in the door pockets,

7: Dirt around the door and boot shuts,

8: No stains on seats or carpets.


Breakdown of How long it takes to valet a car:

  • Exterior wash: 1 hour
  • Interior valet: 1 hour
  • Full valet (Interior & Exterior) 2-4 Hours.
  • Mini Valet: 1.5 hours

Note: This time frame is a guide and will depend on the cleanliness of the vehicle.

Benefits of cleaning your car at home:

  • Money-saving,
  • Therapeutic,
  • Good exercise,
  • You can decide how safe you want your wash to be,
  • You have the reassurance that your paint, dashboard, console or anything else isn’t being scratched and uncared for by your local car wash.
  • Experience the cleaning process and what it entails.


Final thoughts:

Valeting a car is not a quick process but if you simply just don’t have the time I would recommend calling a local mobile car wash to come and valet your car for you. Car valeting has good brain stimulation and its enjoyable, therefore, I suggest you giving it your best shot to see if you like it first before letting someone else do it for you.


There is an in-depth article on how to valet your car at home. I walk you through every step in detail so you won’t need to worry about missing any spots. I have also listed products that I highly approve of to save you time on researching.

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