You`re here because you want to know How To Clean Mud Off Car Interior Plastic. Well, this can be very satisfying. Using just a couple of products and tools, You too can successfully clean this to a high standard using these steps that I have laid out.

I have a mobile car detailing Aberdeen business and this was my client’s van that had been through the rough due to his heavy workload and just didn’t have the time to carry out a full detail on it himself.

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Products that You will need:

Step 1:

Start off with a general clean by spraying all-purpose cleaner on the affected area. This will remove loose dirt to prevent scratching on plastic when coming round to using our scrubbing brush.


Step 2:

Spray a liberal amount of all-purpose cleaner on the area that you wish to clean. Don’t be shy with the amount you use as this will also help with lubrication for the brush.

Note: If you haven’t used enough all-purpose cleaner this will scratch your plastic. If done correctly you will see fantastic results, damage-free.

How To Clean Mud Off Car Interior Plastic

step 3:

Begin by lightly scrubbing your plastics with a brush in circular motions until all ground-in mud has been removed from your plastic.

Note: You may need to continue spraying all-purpose cleaner so that it doesn’t dry out while your scrubbing. 


Step 4:

Once You think that the area you worked on is complete and cleaned, grab two microfiber cloths and begin wiping off the liquid until dry.


You may need to repeat steps 2 and 3 until all dirt and grime has been removed. 

We have now covered the answer to your question How To Clean Mud Off Car Interior Plastic remember and never forget to always keep the surface wet while scrubbing.


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