A quick guide on leather cleaning

Prestige have a high reputation for their Car Valet Aberdeen business and have decided to share a good technique for leather seat cleaning.

Some people will use the magic eraser and yes it will look like they clean up well but as a matter of fact, it strips away a layer of the leather colouring which ends as a result of ruining your leather seats.

A good leather cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth is all you need. All leather cleaners have different instructions so please read them before use. You will most likely spray the leather and wipe off gently. For harder stains, you will have to leave to soak, again, wipe off gently and if it still appears to not be coming out apply a little pressure (elbow grease) and that will do the trick. 

Leather conditioning:

Leather conditioner is a fantastic product to use after cleaning your leather. It leaves a lovely shiny but non-greasy brand new look. Some cheap products will be greasy so bear that in mind when buying. 

The same goes for dashboard shine, the cheaper the product the more likely it is to be oily and greasy which is horrible! but that’s for another post. 

You can pick up detailing addicts products that are at a great price and does the job very nicely. Tried and tested from Prestige mobile car valeting in Aberdeen.

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