In this article, I have covered The Best Products For Car Care to ensure that your car receives the best treatment possible.

The Best Products For Car Care

Having been a car detailer for 10+ years I am passing on my knowledge on car detailing to help you find the best products and use the best-proven methods.

Let’s get started.


The Best Products For Car Care for the interior:

Interior brush set:

The multi-functioning detailing brush set is amazing. I have tried many along the way and they have never lasted as long as these and they have a very comfortable hold and a nice black finish to them. The beauty is they come in packs with various sizes so there is no way you’ll miss a spot with this pack.


All-purpose cleaner:

My choice is Meguiars all-purpose cleaner because every car detailer needs a good quality all-purpose cleaner. This will help you tackle those tougher stains on seats, dashboard, console, door plastics and more. All Meguiars products do not only smell amazing but do a fantastic job of eating away at those inconvenient stains.

Important notice: Never rub hard at stains and let the product do the work. Rub nice and light until removed to prevent scratching.


Window Cleaner:

My choice of window cleaner has to be Meguiars for the pure and simple reason being the smell of the product and this will also provide a streak-free window.

Note: Always use two clean cloths for cleaning the glass. Use one for wiping and the dry one for buffing.


Plastic Dressing:

Chemical guy’s total interior is my choice. You have to be careful when buying a plastic dresser because cheap stuff is oily. It will leave your car plastics greasy and for that reason, this is not a good look and it feels horrible. It is also a nightmare to remove the grease once applied. This product will leave your plastics looking good as new without that slippery feeling. A must-have from a professional.

Note: Always read manufactures instruction before use.


Best Interior Cloths:

Meguiars premium cloths have a high-quality microfiber which means they will last longer compared to cheap variety ones. You can also guarantee these cloths will pick up way more dust than any other cloth out there. I have been using these for about 5 years now. As the saying goes “You pay for what you get”


The Best Car Vacuum:

I previously changed over to the DeWALT DXV09P about a year ago. I love wet and dry vacs because not only can it hoover up the dirt that you bring in on your shoes but you can use it for the likes of door pockets, console cup holders and much more.

ProTip: If you have dirt in your cup holders then simply spray All-purpose cleaner in it until wet, leave for about 2 minutes then suck up using your DeWALT vac.


Best Interior Car Steamer:

My all-time favorite steamer has to be the Costway Multipurpose. This comes with 18 accessories to allow you to enter the small nooks and crannies. Steaming is a fantastic way to kill germs and leave your car smelling replenished. Steaming air vents can remove dust that is nearly impossible to reach.

Note: Never hold steamer on plastics. Always keep moving back and forth for little periods at a time as this can cause damage.


The Best Products For Car Care for the exterior:


The Best Pressure Washer for Car Cleaning:

The Karcher k2 Plus is the one I use. It has never let me down and for the price, it does the job perfectly. With me being a professional car detailer I am not comfortable with too much pressure on my customers 100K plus cars because if the vehicle has a deep or wide chip on the paintwork you can actually strip away the paint even more. You can be assured that this product won’t let you down.

Car Shampoo:

Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax have been my go-to car shampoo for years because it leaves a lovely shine and offers protection for the exterior paint. Having tried many other wash and waxes but always went back to this one.


Alloy Wheel Cleaner & Brushes:

Adam’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner Is a fantastic product for cleaning alloys. It leaves a lovely shine after use and it also offers a tire shine effect as well which I love. I use another tire shine product after this as well just to enhance the shine and the time capacity of the wet look. You won’t be disappointed with this product. 

Note: The brushes included in this deal are also a recommendation and I have been using them since I bought this combo.


Tar Remover:

Auto finesse obliterate tar & glue remover is a great product for removing tar from a car. You will see the tar melt after spraying onto the affected area. This product is also great for glue removal. I use this product daily. 

Note: If used on a windy day be sure to protect your eyes and mouth. Always follow manufactures instructions. 

Bug Remover:

Adams’s bug remover is great. It loosens up bug splatter from your car to allow for easy wipe down.


Iron Remover:

This product is fantastic. Iron on a car is orange and you’ll see it best on white cars and alloys. You will see the product in action when it turns purple. It is very satisfying to watch. Blackfire Iron out is highly recommended.


Tire Shine:

Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel Is very affordable and leaves a slick, wet shine look. I use this on all cars that I valet. Apply with sponge and work your way around the tire, avoiding alloy at all costs. 

Final thoughts:

The Best Products For Car Care

Now that we have covered The Best products For Car Care,  you can choose any of the following knowing you have done your research before buying. I have a car valeting business, therefore, I take pride in my work and with going through the trial and error stage I thought I would share the products I use for you.

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I have been a car detailer for the last 10 years. I am passionate about car detailing and have vast experience of paint correction. On this website, my aim is to help people detail their own cars correctly.


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