Aberdeen Car Valeting is going to have a look at ceramic car coatings versus car waxes. The pros and cons and the huge difference in price.       Carnauba Wax. Carnauba Wax is an organic product produced from the leaves from the palm tree. also known as The Tree of Life. Native to the northern part of Brazil, the tree has long been grown in many other countries, nevertheless, just the trees and shrubs in their native environment produce the actual wax, since it’s production is actually a primary reaction to the tough, arid conditions. The palm secretes carnauba to safeguard them from the intense temperature of the sun and allow the foliage to retain their own moisture content.   car valet aberdeen    

Aberdeen Mobile Car Valeting: Carnauba Wax Vs Ceramic Coatings.

The wax removal procedure is a time consuming and laborious; hardly astonishing therefore that the further the concentration of the carnauba in a tin of automotive wax, the higher the cost. Initially, the leaves are gathered and dried in the heat of the sun to permit the wax to dry out to a powder like uniformity. The dried out foliage is beaten to discharge the wax which is then refined by means of filtration and other methods. In their organic type carnauba wax exists as hard, yellow-coloured flakes. As it is processed it’s classified into grades of strength.

Carnauba wax settles as tough as cement is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and possesses a very high heat threshold – around 80 degrees centigrade. Carnauba wax is well known in car detailing groups for your ‘lotus effect’ it produces, exactly where the water goes into beads and simply flows from surface areas.

This occurrence is also known as ‘beading’ is actually a result of a high contact position between your water drops and the cars paintwork: the greater the position, the greater hydrophobic qualities the polish displays. To be classified as hydrophobic an element should display a water contact angle greater than 85 degrees. In the finest form carnauba produces a water contact angle of between 106 degrees and 123 degrees, putting it in the centre to upper attains of hydrophobic classification.

As previously referred to, Carnauba wax in its organic condition features a tinted hue to it, the minor opacity supplies a ‘jetting’ effect, changing the reflection of sunshine to create the wet look on paint that high-quality carnauba waxes are very well recognized for. The yellow-coloured colour of carnauba enhances the warmth of car paintwork especially evident in black, blue and dark colours.

Carnauba wax could be ‘colour charged‘ with a lot more components to further boost the hue of light or dark-hued paint, giving colour an additional level and glow.

Not confined to car paint, carnauba waxes fortified with other ingredients, for example, Polytetrafluoroethylene can also be found for the protection of alloy car wheels by rejecting dirty water, street grime and brake dust.

In conclusion, carnauba wax is actually an organic item, pleasant and easy to work with, supplies a great, wet look sparkle, is heat resistant and possesses superb hydrophobic properties. With regard to vehicle care enthusiasts who love to regularly spend some time detailing their own car, or for unique vehicles which spend a large proportion of time in a lock-up and just emerge on special days and summer, a carnauba wax is a superb choice.

Aberdeen Mobile Car Valeting; Ceramic Coatings.

These are the name provided to vitreous sealants as well as in the automotive world tend to be utilized interchangeably. Their particular names are derived from their use of silicon, a component within the manufacture of porcelain and glass items. As the name indicated silicon is most commonly found as quartz and in it’s finest condition has a nutrient solidity of 6 on a scale of 1-10, for reference diamonds measured on the same point is 10. The actual understanding of ceramics is that they tend to be opaque and vivid white in colour, but this is not always the case as ceramics exist in a variety of arrangements and hues having a wide range of molecular structures.

Ceramic car coatings come from The American space missions and. spin-off systems: the Space Agency initially invented ceramic-based coatings for use on the space shuttle because of their heat insulating material and anti deterioration qualities. Various research and development have lead ceramic technology found in the car care marketplace where they provide a much higher degree of protection from numerous factors than some other last step products and solutions. In contrast to carnauba waxes, ceramic coatings are inorganic. As such, they can be produced to become resistant to much greater temperatures than carnauba wax.

Modern-day ceramic coverings are typically based on nanotechnology.

Whenever reduced to the nano-scale numerous properties of materials will alter, such as mechanised, insulating material, visual, and so on. due to the rise in surface area within the volume. In the nanoscale components, therefore, turn out to be a lot more resistant to outside forces in comparison to the exact same materials in the macro scale. Nanotechnology primarily based ceramic coatings provide significant potential to deal with extremes of pH, extreme conditions of temperature and compressional forces.

Consequently, these coverings provide car surface areas defence against acid rain, very cold rain, harsh wash chemical substances, direct sunlight as well as coming from light swirls, usually brought on by bad washing methods. They will form strong chemical substance bonds with substrates at the atomic level, therefore, these types of coatings can’t be removed utilizing paint cleaners or power washers; they won’t wash aside in a storm as various other last step products might.

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Some ceramic coatings are for sale to retail buy but there are several that require professional application in controlled conditions. Their own durability necessitates the paintwork to be top condition just before application: chafes and swirls on the paintwork should be taken out as after the coating has cured, these types of problems are covered beneath. All surface areas to become covered also need to be correctly decontaminated as well as cleansed, making certain they are totally free from any residues that may hinder the binding procedure.

In conclusion. ceramic coatings tend to be inorganic, synthetic and provide prolonged defence against chemical compounds, industrial and ecological fallout and lightweight surface damaging. Because of their durability paintwork and other substrates must be correctly prepared prior to use, but once applied, all that is required in terms of upkeep is actually a regular routine maintenance clean and an occasional top-up with a suitable quick detailing spray.

There is no winner or loser when it comes to Wax Vs Sealant. The important factors are how much time you have to invest in your car, how much inclination you need to maintain it and how the vehicle will probably be used. Typically a wax allows the flexibility to enjoy the entire detailing process on a more regular basis and therefore much better serves the car cleaning fanatic. For all those wanting to safeguard their car especially coming from brand new, an extremely durable ceramic sealant generally is a better bet.

Aberdeen Car Valeting views on Ceramics versus Waxes.

We are aware of the massive gulf that exists between ceramic coatings and waxes. We know of some main dealers offering a sealant (not ceramic) for £450.00. Waste of money at that price.

Ceramic coatings and the application of these is a specialised job and has to be done in the inside and usually takes two days. The cost may easily run into four figures.

What you have to consider is the value of the car and is the cost worth the money? We can apply our favourite sealant for about £100 which we consider value for money. But of course, the car has to be washed using the safe method or whats the point?

I have a Black coloured car and prefer to use a quality wax.

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